Adoption Attorney Tulsa, Oklahoma

Happy family that used an Adoption Attorney Tulsa, OklahomaMaking the choice to adopt a child is a huge life change and not one to be taken lightly, especially by your attorney. Too many attorneys rush into filing adoptions, only to be shocked at the amount of detail work required and fully unaware of the significant changes that have been made in the law in the last few years. If your adopted child was born outside the U.S. or is Native American, there are additional complications and steps that must be taken to protect your and—most importantly–the child’s rights.

Adoptions done correctly create families; adoptions done incorrectly create nightmares.

Family adoption lawyer Hiring an experienced attorney can make all the difference. The attorneys at Rager & Underwood, PLLC have been involved in literally hundreds of adoption cases. We have experience with complicated, contested issues, including imprisoned parents and the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Every child deserves a loving home; some children just need someone to fight to make that a reality. The attorneys at Rager & Underwood, PLLC are armed with the experience and knowledge to do just that.

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