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Tax Credit for Adoptive Families

Tax season is now officially among us. For our adoptive families- don’t forget about the Federal Adoption Tax Credit! You could potentially receive a tax credit of up to $13,190.00 for all qualifying adoption expenses. For more information check out this article: Adoption Tax Credit 2014 from the American Adoptions Blog. *Info-graph from American Adoptions Blog*

Tulsa Elder Care- Working With Siblings

With about 14.7%* of Oklahoma’s population above the age of 65, elder care in Tulsa is become increasingly important. More often than not, the responsibility of elder care falls on the shoulders of the siblings who must work together to plan the best way to care for their aging parents. “A Siblings Guide to Caring […]

Tulsa’s New Integrated Domestic Violence Court kicks off

The Tulsa County Integrated Domestic Violence Court (“IDV Court”) is an accountability court dedicated to improving the Court’s response to domestic violence.  IDV Court is a collaboration between the justice system and the local community to effectively respond to domestic violence, hold offenders accountable, enhance victim and child safety and strengthen families.  The new court […]